Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As I watched all of the inaugural events today, I could not help but become overcome with joy. And what made that joy even more realistic was that I felt that every other American felt the same way! One thing that touched my heart was an young African American male stated that, "now I have something else to strive for besides being an athlete." As I heard this, tears built up in my eyes! This is the beginning of new era. As stated in his inauguration speech, "The time has come to set aside childish things." WE ARE the CHANGE! Together as a country, we CAN make a difference. Obama has renewed the hope and the pride that we have for our country, and for that I there are no words I can say except, THANK YOU! Thank you for making us believe again. For enabling us to see that this truly is a Land of Opportunity. You have gained the respect of millions of people, and we stand behind you 100%. May God Bless you and our country! Now, it is officially time to drop the elect and say, Welcome PRESIDENT Barack Obama!