Friday, January 8, 2010

It is what it is

Today was A LOT better than help from my "friends" though. I was listening to the hold your dreams song from the movie fame, and I really got excited! Excited because I can finally move on, I can finally start doing things for me. My whole life I have put my friends, my family, my work, really everything before myself, but that today! I have helped friends out only to get ignored when I need them most. I have listened to many problems and honestly tried to help the situations, and no love is returned...ehh #kanyeshrug, it's what the secular do. I can only imagine how Jesus feels! But i'm not mad...not at all, instead I'll continue to be always, because honestly, I don't have the heart to ignore my friends, or the energy to fight it. It's like my mom always said...pick your friends wisely, backstabbers come in all forms.

Peace ♥ and LOL


The Speaker said...

U never called me when u needed something... I'm your friend.