Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank You

This blog is a Thank You letter to the one person (besides Jesus lol) that was there for me come rain or shine. So Thank you, for taking off work all those times I was sick to take care of me and take me to the doctor. Thank You for introducing me to music, and then supporting me when I decided to get involved in it. Thank You for keeping me in check when I THOUGHT I was grown! Thank you for reminding me that when you ASKED me to do something, it really wasn't an option! LOL Thank you for introducing me to Jesus and teaching me to walk with him on this journey of life. Thank you for telling me that you're proud of me. Thank you for caring enough to know my likes and dislikes. Thank you for pushing me to do the best I could. Thank you for taking time out of your day to ask me how I was doing. Thank you for always understanding me. Thank you for trusting me to do the right thing. Thank you for never giving up on me...ever. Thank you for always listening to me. Thank you for always having a shoulder for me to cry on. Thank you for ALWAYS believing in me. Thank you for teaching me how to cook! Thank you for teaching me the harsh lessons of life and how to brace myself when I am confronted with them. Thank you for never hesitating to put me first. Thank you for so many beautiful holiday seasons. Thank you for protecting and providing for me. Thank you for snapping me out of brat mode! HAHA Thank you for being stern and teaching me how to stand up for myself. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for teaching me how to love. Thank you for being a wonderful person inside and out. And most of all...

THANK YOU, for being MY mother!

You will NEVER be forgotten and I am still proud of you!

Your daughter, Amber


Katie said...

I cried when I read that. Your mother was a GREAT person and you are right...she will never be forgotton! Love you!

Travers J. said...

That was beautiful, Ambs.